February 2017: MicroCap Review Magazine Winter/Spring 2017

December 5, 2016: A Gecko Research- Interview With Keith Neumeyer


" In today’s interview we touch on three companies Keith personally is invested in; First Majestic, First Mining Finance and Silver One Resources. Keith also explains why he thinks smaller investors are at least as important to larger institutions. He ended the 20 min long talk with his views on the precious metals market and where it all might end in terms of prices for gold and silver."

November 19, 2016 : ResourceCapitalAG Interview

October 2016: SNN Interview with VP Investor Relations Derek Iwanaka

June 23/16: Keith Neumeyer discusses the ramifications of Brexit with Kerry Lutz

June 19/16: Keith Neumeyer provides updated with The Daily Coin

June 19/16: Keith Neumeyer chats with Turd Fergueson on TF Metals Report

May 30/16: Keith Neumeyer says, "If gold hits $10,000, Silver should be $1000"

April 20/16: First Mining Finance Acquisition & Holding of Undevalued Gold Assets (Interview with Jochem Staiger on Commodity-TV)

January 14/16: Keith Neumeyer on The Daily Coin Predicting Triple Digit Silver is Coming

December 14/15: Mining Sector Update With Keith Neumeyer and Future Money Trends

December 1/15: The Korelin Economic Report Receives An Update from Patrick Donnelly

November 25/15: miningWealth's Ben Kramer-Miller Writes "Get 'Smart' Gold-Price Leverage Through First Mining Finance"

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November 21/15: Silver and Gold Extremes - With Keith Neumeyer and Eric Sprott

November 18/15: Keith Neumeyer on Commodity-TV at the Edelmetallsmesse 2015 in Munich

November 1/15: Derek Iwanaka speaks with Rory Hall of The Daily Coin about Mining Under Pressure

October 21/15: SmallCap Investor's Joe Brunner Interviews Patrick Donnelly

October 5/15: PWC's Junior Mine 2015: First Mining Finance’s mineral bank

September 8/15: BNN Interviews Keith Neumeyer who states, "The longer the junior bear market, the better for us."

September 3/15: Global Mining Observer comments on Keith Neumeyer's Gold Deal Binge

September 3/15: 321 Gold's Bob Moriarty Writes "Weak Hands in Gold Canyon"

September 2/15: Financial Post Writes "First Mining Finance sees more acquisition opportunities after three-way deal"

August 13/15: SNNLive Interviews Patrick Donnelly

June 25/15: Cambridge House Interview - Keith Neumeyer's hat trick?

June 20/15: Marin Katusa Touts Keith Neumeyer's First Mining Finance

June 7/15: SmallCap Investor Interviews Patrick Donnelly

June 2/15: Vancouver Sun Writes "Mining stocks are undervalued, take it to the (mineral) bank"

April 15/15: Gecko Podcast with First Mining Finance – Keith Neumeyer’s next start-up success?

April 8/15: Frank Curzio Interviews Keith Neumeyer Unplugged

April 4/15: World Faces Grave Consequences from FED’s Propping Up Markets – Steve St. Angelo Interview Part 2

April 4/15: Mad Rush Out of Paper Assets Coming "The Data to Prove It!" - Steve St. Angelo Interview Part 1

April 4/15: Keith Neumeyer Says "A Global Financial Reset Is Coming: ‘A Deal Is Being Made Between All The Central Banks'